September 22, 2000

Assistant borough secretary charged with harassment

By David Faulk


West View's assistant borough secretary has been charged with harassment after telling police that she slapped a resident outside the borough hall after a council meeting.

George Rapp, 42, of Hempstead Avenue spoke during the borough council meeting Sept. 13 and questioned whether the borough is being run in the interest of the citizens.

About 8:45 that night, he told borough police that assistant borough secretary Patricia Rapp "walked up to him, pushed him twice and slapped him in the face," according to a police report.

Patricia Rapp is George Rapp's sister-in-law.

The maximum penalty for the summary offense of harassment is 90 days in jail and a fine of $300.

Patricia Rapp, 46, of Lakewood Avenue told police she slapped George Rapp because of "family issues," the report said.

When contacted at work about the incident, Patricia Rapp said, "That's none of your business. Don't you ever call back here again and ask about that."

When asked about the incident later, Ken Wolf, borough manager, replied, "You were told never to call and ask about that again."

George Rapp said the incident was a political matter, not a family matter.

"It's not a family issue," George Rapp said. "She was angry because I spoke the truth about the borough."

During the meeting, George Rapp said borough government is inefficient.

"I didn't even look at her during my remarks. Then I was standing in the parking lot, and all of a sudden she came out of nowhere," Rapp said.

"People are so blind to the fact of what's going on (in West View). Anytime somebody brings it up, they get threatened."

The police report said an officer "spoke with Patricia Rapp, who stated that she did slap George in the face."

"Patricia stated that she lost her head and slapped him," the report said.

George Rapp said he does not think the harassment charge is harsh enough and that he is considering legal action against the borough.