The Municipal Authority of West View, also known as West View Water Authority, awards lucrative contracts and provides jobs for the chosen one hundred.  This ensures that there is a broad spectrum of people who are directly under the influence of the West View Water Authority, and who are related or connected in some way to Borough Officials.  Daniel M. Daugherty is the Executive Director of the West View Water Authority.

      The Water Authority also parents the West View Democratic Committee, where fifteen of its sixteen members are derived.  Daniel Daugherty also happens to be the Chairman of the West View Democratic Committee.

    Wearing a third hat as President of West View Borough Council, this same Daniel Daugherty is the iron-handed ruler of the Borough of West View. The Board of Directors for the Authority, are appointed through council. The dual role of Fred Baxter as Borough Solicitor, as well as being the lawyer for the West View Water Authority, heightens concerns about conflict-of-interest to an even greater degree.

    Undue influence could preclude fair and equitable deposition of any legal matter, when the Mayor, Police, fire, Council, magistrate, Borough employees, and EMS, are all tied to each other and to West View Water.  During numerous civil proceedings in and out of the Borough of West View I have witnessed what seems to be a mandated “loss of memory” among the “connected” in West View. Their testimony has been completely contrary to reality. The truth can be found in the testimony and life’s experience of many other people who are not part of, nor under the control of, West View Borough. Based on my observations in West View civil proceedings, it is frightening to contemplate the ramifications of any criminal proceeding.  Truthful testimony from these so-called “leaders” or any of their indebted puppets in the Borough of West View is just not a given.

     How horrendous it would be if these people decided to railroad some innocent person to a heinous crime because of a personal vendetta, or for some other reason.  For example, suppose an innocent person was seriously injured or killed by a drunk driver who was one of the so-called “leaders” or one of their close relatives…it doesn’t take much imagination to project what the resulting accident report would say, or the lack of honesty in the legal proceedings that might follow.

    It is unhealthy for so much power to be in the hands of only a few!  It is imperative to have the checks and balances that a second party, or some other independent opinion represents.  This situation needs to be rectified before it’s too late!


Just my opinion, Joel Ballon, 2002