Justin Fair

Formerly was a mainstay in wEST vIEW
Justin Fair Head Stone

Remembered in
West View, Pa


....After a long recurring illness, Justin Fair is dead. Originally he was from wEST vIEW, but he has not be seen there in a very long time. Preceded in death by close relatives, Faren Honest and Liberty N. Justice, who were also wEST vIEW residents many years ago.

.... Justin Fair had hoped to return to wEST vIEW one day, but the final nail in his coffin took place on December 13, 2006 at the wEST vIEW Borough Council Meeting. At that meeting, President Daniel M. Daugherty once more reiterated his misguided concept of deeded property being the sidewalk, an affront to property owners everywhere.
(If this is any insight into Mr. Daugherty's legal acumen, it's no wonder wEST vIEW is in debt for more than 7.2 million dollars due to losing the Girty's Run litigation!)

.... Mr. Fair will be buried in wEST vIEW, next to the rest of his family members who have also died a slow and painful death there, including; Due Process, Truthful Testimony, Property Rights, Court Impartiality, Legal Fairness, Political Choice, Equitable Enforcement, Free Speech, Constitutional Rights and his aforementioned cousins Liberty N. Justice and Faren Honest.

.... In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Constitution Party, Institute for Justice, The Center for Constitutional Rights or the American Civil Liberties Union.