West View, where they respect the citizens about as much
as the flag of the United States of America

Just where were the authorities and their collective keen sense of observation, as this shameful flag display was there for all to see for months, on a daily basis?

Keen observers?….




*Simply Liars In My Estimation

Night and day from the end of January, 2004 until the middle of April, 2004, once more there has been a flagrant disrespect for the flag in the Borough of West View.
In March, a fire destroyed historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in the Hill District. The West View flag was lowered to half-mast
for a week or more, in their honor.

During this period of time the flag was even more visible, yet it's condition still went unoticed until it was again lowered in memory of William Wunderly's death on April 15, 2004!

Just where are the keen eyes of Borough Officials, including the Chief of Police....

(the authorities with such a keen sense of observation and the audacity to testify that cars never routinely parked in front of 479 Perry Highway)

They can't see a tears in a flag displayed 24/7 for more than TWO months. And…they never noticed the hundreds/thousands of cars parked in front of 479 Perry Highway over a 30 year period.