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Arrest Made In Severed Body Hit-And-Run

POSTED: 9:19 am EST February 19, 2007
UPDATED: 10:38 am EST February 21, 2007

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A suspected drug dealer was cut in half Monday morning after he reached into a car that sped away and slammed him into a utility pole, Pittsburgh police said.

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Keith Johnson, of Pittsburgh, was arrested Tuesday on charges of criminal homicide and numerous traffic offenses, police said.

The crash happened early Monday morning near the intersection of Murtland and Hamilton avenues in Homewood. (See Map)

Officers said when they arrived, they found a blue Dodge Neon badly damaged near a telephone pole.

The body of Antwon Williams, 45, of Friendship, was found up the block, police said.

Two males inside the car were trying to buy crack from Williams, and the driver tried to leave without paying, police said.

Williams reached inside the car, but a struggle ensued and the driver pulled away with the victim still halfway inside the car, police said.

"The victim reached in and tried to switch the transmission into park, but the driver eventually was able to keep it in drive and began to flee from the scene," said Pittsburgh police Cmdr. Thomas Stangrecki.

The person behind the wheel drove with Williams hanging out of the window until the man's body hit the utility pole, police said.

Police said the driver lost control of the car and crashed shortly after.

Witnesses said Williams didn't die immediately.

"I heard him hollering, 'Help,' but by the time I got my clothes and stuff on, he was gone," said neighbor Kevin Johnson.

After the crash, the people inside the car jumped out and ran into some nearby woods, police said.

Authorities continue to investigate. Anyone with information is asked to contact police.

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