Dennis Watson is the Chairman of the wEST vIEW Tribunal, AKA the wEST vIEW Zoning Board. During my hearing in front of that "prestigious" Tribunal, Mr. Watson's brand of justice was exactly what you would expect in a Third World Country or Dictatorship, where the outcome of trials is predeterined and is a foregone conclusion. I am totally convinced that regardless of how many witnesses, or how much evidence was submitted, the end result would have been the same. No reasonable "officer of the court" could possibly arrive at his decision, with good conscience, based on the evidence and the testimony presented. Read the testimony yourself! I feel Dennis A. Watson is morally and ethically bankrupt. I suppose integrity is a subject that can not be taught in a school.
Caveat Emptor!

Pictured above is supposed to be Pittsburgh Attorney Dennis A. Watson
Please note:
As you can see, the man in this photograph has no ears . The Chairman of the wEST vIEW Tribunal, has no need for ears, since they are evidently not used for their intended purpose.