Toilet Paper,
wEST vIEW style

Repeatedly during the mid-nineties, under the direction of the idiot
Police cHIEF cHARLES hOLTGRAVER, traffic citations were issued
for "Sidewalk Obstruction" while my vehicle was parked
TOTALLY and COMPLETELY on private property.

Subsequently, the Borough of wEST vIEW presented their irrational concept
to the Judge that they considered all property in front of the building
to be sidewalk, regardless of the footage.
Sad to say, I'm convinced they really believe this!

At the wEST vIEW Borough Council Meeting of December 13, 2006,
President Daniel M. Daugherty once more reiterated the misguided concept
of deeded property being the sidewalk, an affront to property owners everywhere.

Property rights are nonexistent in wEST vIEW, Pa.

It then follows .......

This is the only remaining use for deeds in wEST vIEW, Pa.

Are deeds printed on soft paper?