No matter which way you look at it.....



signs photographed 2-26-2007








 sure LOOKS LIKE sidewalk obstruction"

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At the very heart of wEST vIEW, at the corner of Center Avenue and Route 19,
if you advertise cigarettes---evidently it isn't "sidewalk obstruction"

....somehow signs on sidewalks in wEST vIEW are permitted
....but cars on private property are considered..
"sidewalk obstructions"

Possible reasons.....

It's actually a police test to see if signs will deter skateboarders.

Preventive measure--no one will trip on sidewalk.

The signs are placed there for pedestrians to grab onto in case they fall.

The signs prevent wear and tear on the red bricks.

The signs prevent any pedestrians from being killed on that sidewalk.

the signs hide the uneven bricks below.

cHIEF cHARLES hOLTGRAVER thinks a blind person owns
the property and this is their way of signing.

It's better for pedestrians to risk life and limb, walking nearer to cars.

Nobody heard or saw, but council had approved the signs.

This sidewalk isn't shoveled all winter long anyhow, so what difference does it make?

cHIEF cHARLES hOLTGRAVER hasn't noticed the signs in 28 years.

No one told cHIEF cHARLES hOLTGRAVER the signs were there.

cHIEF cHARLES hOLTGRAVER is considering charging
the property owner for driving too fast for conditions.

cHIEF cHARLES hOLTGRAVER is considering charging
the property owner for an illegal u-turn.

Cigarettes must be good for you.

It's better for cigarettes to be advertised, rather than crack cocaine.

It's a cynical plot to see how many people can get killed when they
walk on the street to avoid the signs.

The color white is exempt from citations.

Laird Kircher only sees the signs when they're loading and unloading.

There really isn't anything called "sidewalk obstruction" in wEST vIEW, anymore.

"Like" Deanne Ebbert says, "like" they told her the "like" signs would
"like" only be there for "like" a little while.

Citations are no longer issued during the spring.

Wooz George has never noticed the signs.

The signs will act as shields in case any more bullets fly in wild, wild, wEST vIEW!

This property isn't owned by a defenseless little old lady.

There are subliminal messages to attract people to wEST vIEW,
hidden in the signs.

Deanne Ebbert knows what the signs are thinking.

A relative of Dan Daugherty is a tobacco farmer.

The signs really don't obstruct vision when cars pull out.

Fred E Baxter Jr. doesn't care about the kids at that end of the block.

The signs must predate the zoning code.

The sidewalk is actually private property, at that end of the block.

Ken Wolf can't remember where to buy cigarettes without the sign.

There are no signs, it's an optical illusion.

Deanne Ebbert isn't worried about "her" kids that far down the block.

Just because.

Laird Kircher believes the signs are loading and unloading.

The signs are there for Deanne Ebbert to rest her ample arse on because she gets tired of standing.

"sidewalk obstruction", that's someplace cHIEF cHARLES hOLTGRAVER just doesn't go anymore.

In some way it's related to inter-governmental cooperation.

Property is on the wEST vIEW "Do Not Harass" list.

The signs are simply another reason that makes wEST vIEW, a good place to live.

The signs were part of the resolution of the Girty's Run Litigation..

Esthetically, the cigarette sign compliments the sidewalk.

Fred E Baxter Jr owns stock in the cigarette company.

A traffic signal is close-by.

It's near an intersection.

It's a plot to kill as many wEST vIEW residents as possible.

The address isn't 479 Perry Hwy.

Deanne Ebbert has seen the sign, but only when they're loading and unloading--
she may have only noticed the kids at Columbine during those times as well.

A 3rd cousin works at the Water Authority

There is no sidewalk it's an optical illusion..

Nobody really gives a damn

Gas stations are exempt from laws..

Daugherty has a learning disability---
he confuses "private property " with "sidewalk".

cHIEF cHARLES hOLTGRAVER is really blind.

There's a curb on both sides of sidewalk

Deanne Ebbert says she talked to the signs, and
they know they don't belong there.

A sign rests on the sidewalk across the street, so it must be ok.

A lazy, screaming crossing guard never worked close-by.

A policeman owns the property.

It gives vehicles traveling south a chance to kill a pedestrian now and then.

People in wEST vIEW should smoke more.

Provides clients to wEST vIEW Doctors to combat the ill-effects of smoking.

It's at a bus stop, and somehow that makes it OK.