Questions to ponder....

Which Borough has a council president that votes for a county TIF, when studies have shown there will be a 7.9% loss of business to the local businessmen in that Borough?


Is there a place where the council President, along with council, appoints the board of directors, for an Authority where that same council President serves as Executive Director?


Where is it possible to be physically assaulted, by a borough employee, after speaking at a council meeting?


Where is it possible to be arrested for speaking "too long" at a council meeting even though there are no set time limits?


Where in the western hemisphere, is there a government that thinks they own ALL the property in front of your building?


What municipality selectively enforces its laws, on a continuing basis?


Where are zoning ordinances ignored for "favorite sons"?


Where was an election won, where the candidate had died a month before the election took place?


What zoning board pretends to believe testimony consisting of, "I never saw" or "I don't remember seeing" over the testimony of people who themselves not only remember, but were the ones who actually parked there?


Where do the police illegally ticket vehicles under the motor vehicle code of the state, while those cars are totally and completely parked on PRIVATE PROPERTY?


What locality has earned the distinction of being "a good place to leave"?



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