In West View there are many vacant buildings in the main business area. There are many other businesses that are struggling to keep their heads above water. A full 1 mill increase in Borough taxes was recently enacted. The prospect of a new shopping center in Ohio Township,
financed by a TIF (Tax Increment Financing) may be imminent.
The President of West View Council, Dan Daugherty erred by not aligning West View right alongside Ross Township in opposing this TIF.

Mr. Daugherty was evidently wearing his other hat as the Director of The West View Water Authority when he made his decision. Since Daniel Daugherty and the West View Water Authority supply water to Ohio Township.
Families of Borough employees, the mayor, police chief , former police chief as well as council members, all have family members who are employees of the West View Water Authority. How could any of them have any idea what the small businessman is about, or the disadvantage this unfair TIF places on those business people.

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