A Dark Cloud

<A dark cloud hangs over wEST vIEW, Pa. as long as this Autocratic Regime is in power.

On Nov, 28, 2001, this site was recognized as
the Pennsylvania Destination of the Day

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wEST vIEW, Pa.
the leaders have
an equal amount
of respect for the
United States
and the
United States
Flag displayed on Borough property
photographed September 22, 2000
(see 2004 version as well)

This site is not about West View, Pa.
and the good old days,
but rather the wEST vIEW, Pa. of today!

NOT West View, North Korea...but wEST vIEW, Pa.
.... For 30 plus years there has been parking in front of my building for customers and residents. For some unknown reason, in order to prevent this from taking place, the officials are united in their denial of the facts. Yet, actual sidewalk obstruction by parked vehicles is commonplace throughout wEST vIEW Borough on a continuing basis.
This is not about selective prosecution, but rather persecution with no reason!
.... Long before I purchased this property in 1970, customers parked in front of the building in an area ajacent to the sidewalk. This same area had been used for residential parking as well during that entire time, which pre-dates the existing zoning laws. Parking in that area had thus been grandfathered by that fact.
.... Then suddenly in 1998 a series of illegal traffic citations were issued for "sidewalk obstruction" under the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code, while the vehicle in question was parked totally and completely on private property. This illegal ticketing was done under the direction of the wEST vIEW, Pa. police chief cHAR|LES hOLTGRAVER, clearly in violation of Constitutional Rights, Property Rights as well as Pennsylvania State Law.
....Outright lies under oath in the courtroom by Borough witnesses are disturbing. The Borough solicitor, Fred E. Baxter has exhibited a complete lack of professional integrity and personal character by attempting to defend the indefensible, and that is what makes......


In wEST vIEW, Pa. Democracy is dying

Constitutional guarantees are a thing of the past

Property rights are ignored!

"Due process" seems to have been replaced by "foregone conclusion" in courtrooms

.... This web site was created after an ill-informed, overzealous police chief, cHARLES hOLTGRAVER, contrary to the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code, illegally, repeatedly and unconstitutionally ordered parking citations for "sidewalk obstruction" to be issued for my vehicle. The vehicle was parked totally and completely on private property in an area where vehicles had parked for well over 30 years, thus "grandfathering" its usage.
.... Evidently, in an attempt to save face for the cHIEF, numerous current and former Borough officials' testimony under oath at numerous hearings, was completely contrary to fact.

This is an open statement to:
Daniel M Daugherty, Director wEST vIEW Water Authority
Chairman wEST vIEW Council
Fred E Baxter, Pittsburgh Attorney and wEST vIEW Borough Solicitor,
Dennis A Watson, Pittsburgh Attorney, and wEST vIEW Zoning Board Chaiman
It doesn't matter how many boards you are on, or how many hats you wear! It doesn't matter how good of an attorney you think you are, nor how many people you can round-up who are either liars, senile, never noticed, or just don't remember.
I find it reprehensible for you to use the court system, in an attempt to legally turn fact into fiction. This web site exists for the purpose of being an eternal protest to that action.


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