Red brick sidewalk obstructed by signs in wEST vIEW, Pa.

At the Borough Council meeting of December 13, 2007, I complained about the above signs blocking the sidewalk. Below is Borough President Daniel M. Daugherty's response.....

Copied from Borough minutes, 12-13-2006

  • showing complete ignorance of the law!

  • ignoring the reason for deeds

  • not acknowledging that this was
    previously litigated

  • exercising eminent domain

  • completely disregarding property rights

  • usurping constitutional guarantees

  • simply taking property because the
    building happens to sit back from
    the very edge of the sidewalk

Yellow arrow points to faint property line,
notice unobstructed red brick sidewalk.

Mr Daniel M Daugherty has exhibited a complete lack of logic and complete lack of legal understanding when comparing signs sitting on the sidewalk to a sign positioned entirely on private property.

Precisely that same lack of logic and lack of legal understanding on the part of Daniel M Daugherty has created an indebtedness of over THIRTEEN MILLION DOLLARS for the naive, uninformed residents of
wEST vIEW, Pa.

Instead of a $3 million dollar debt, the result is that the residents of wEST vIEW have to pay more than THIRTEEN MILLION DOLLARS to satisfy the Girty's Run litigation. And pay they will....until the year 2037.

The only thing deeds can be used for in wEST vIEW, Pa.